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žHealth Insurance

No one plans to fall ill or get hurt but eventually as you grow old, you will face some kind of medical condition and might need medical care at that point of time. Not all your employees have a financially stable background to handle these expenses and hence it is necessary to be well prepared beforehand. Carefully chosen medical insurance policy makes sure that your all employees are prepared for the future. Our team is equipped to give your each employee a health insurance plan that suits him/ her the most. ž


Term Insurance

Death is certain, timing is uncertain. When we wake up in morning, do we know that we will live today? When we have the risk of death, then this risk can be insured so that your employees’ dependents continue with life. Emotional loss cannot be compensated but financial loss can be compensated. Your employees do not need  term insurance but their families need it for their financial security. Get the best of the best term insurance cover through us. ž ž ž ž


Medical  Checkups

Though you feel well it doesn’t mean you are 100% healthy. Many time diseases do not show any symptoms at early stage & probably will get detected when they will reach to the higher stage. To avoid such condition your employees do need a regular preventive health checkups to know their health status. We offer best health checkups plans that far ahead of ‘free checkups’ available in the market.